We communicate openly and treat our
customers, stakeholders and each other
with integrity and respect


Finn Lending Solutions is a group of finance experts that have access to a competitive range of loan solutions. As full members of the MFAA and with experience across Australia’s loan marketplace, we are in a unique position to help you analyse and compare different loan options and choose the loan that is right for you. We excel in helping clients buy franchises or independent businesses and are always striving to ensure your individual needs are met.


First and foremost, Finn Lending Solutions values integrity and respect. Our goal is to earn our clients' business by insuring that we treat every client the way we would our closest family member. We believe that by offering a wide variety of loan options and considering your needs as the most important factor, we will provide the best service available in the industry and earn your business the old fashioned way - through results that make customers happy.

We've structured our business to prevent and avoid favoritism to any institution by not allowing incentives, so that our clients can be sure that they are getting the most advantageous loan available for them. Finn Lending Solutions always offers transparency and fairness and value the relationships that we build with our clients.


We set expectations of excellence throughout the Finn Lending Solutions team in order to best serve our clients.


We all contribute to achieving consistently high results through our lending services and investment performance that directly affect the lives of our customers.


When dealing with our customers and each other, our commitment to service sets us apart.

Integrity and Respect

To build trust and ensure transparency, we communicate openly and treat our customers, stakeholders and each other with integrity and respect.